Spreckels Sugar Hopper Car

American Flyer S Gauge Spreckels Sugar Hopper Car

Presented by the TCA Rocky Mountain Division

Rocky Mountain Division's 2011 S gauge fundraising offering is an American Flyer Spreckels Sugar covered hopper car. Car features prototypical 1950's Spreckels Sugar red and white lettering. Production will be limited to 400 pieces. The car features die-cast trucks and operating couplers. Spreckels Sugar was founded in 1896 and operated in the Western United States. The Spreckels Sugar brand is owned by the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, and used with their permission.

Spreckels Sugar Covered Hopper Car 6-48298

6-48298 Spreckels Sugar Covered Hopper Car Pre-production artwork. Final production may vary.
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